Donde la tecnología y los sueños de juntan, Dos & Cuarto.

Human Rights is a reliable partner for your business: we have a vast experience of collaboration with big and small companies, and 100% client satisfaction as a result of it. We can offer matchless skills, qualified specialists, huge number of legal cases we’ve won and infallible and respectable reputation of our brand. If you want to forget about any legal issues — you are in the right place. Human Rights is what you’ve been looking for, and you can make sure of it for yourself.


We are ready to take part in the general planning of your business. It can be crucial if you want to avoid many problems at the start.

Great Team

All our specialists have a really brilliant education, and they are the best from the best in what they are doing.

Quick Results

We provide a 24/7 client support, we are always ready to solve your problems in the shortest terms.


We analyze your company legal history to make a forecast and prevent all possible problem issues.

Nuestras Ideas

We provide a personal account for our clients, where you can find all numbers and statistics considering our work, the current status of all tasks and cases, our specialists’ activity and much more other useful information. This allows you to realize and clearly understand your situation and our role in it. You will appreciate the quality and convenience of our online services.


Nuestros Paquetes

We have a standard price list available for free download for all our potential clients. However, our managers are always ready to make you a special offer based on your exclusive requirements.

Client Support

As our client, you will get a personal manager whose attention will be focused completely on your company. Exclusive attitude to every client is a well-known performability of the Human Rights.


We have a unique system that allows us to control, analyze and rate the work of every manager and specialist. It insures a stable performance and constant attention.

Personal account

You will truly appreciate your personal client account. We did our best to create a simple yet powerful tool, which would provide you with a convenient access to all information you may need.

A new way to your business success

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